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About MaptunerX

MaptunerX is a handheld unit for tuning, diagnostics and servicing that can be used for an unlimited number of vehicles; for example there is support for Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki PWC, Polaris ATV/UTV, Ski-Doo 4-stroke, Lynx 4-stroke, Can-Am, Arctic Cat 9000 sleds and ATV and we are expanding the range constantly. Our world-famous tunes are developed by Maptun Powersports VTECHTUNED in-house, tested and accurately optimized for each specific model and setup.

Aside from the tuning functionality there are also features and apps for data logging, map editing and real-time monitoring enable diagnostic analysis and custom programming. Perform service tasks such as reading and clearing fault codes, resetting service indicator and history, manage keys and more using only the MaptunerX-unit


MaptunerX Tuning

For tuning, 1x tuning license is required for each vehicle. Once a tuning license is assigned for a vehicle, you will have 100% access to our tuning library for that vehicle. You can switch between every tuning software as often as you like, including stock file. This also include files that we produce and release after your purchase date. For example, you can download and program stage 1 tuning software first season and next season if you purchase required hardware e.x cold air intake, you can download stage 2 for free.

Our tunes are developed by Maptun Powersports VTECHTUNED, based on data from our own test vehicles in R&D Department and/or resellers using MaptunerX Datalogger Kit with various of external sensors. Everything to give you the best possible software calibration, no matter where you are or how you ride.

There are two different tuning license types and two minor licenses

Spark License – Used for natural aspirated vehicles. Give you access to complete library.
Standard License – Used for supercharged or turbocharged vehicles. Give you access to complete library.

Rental License – Access to only one tuning file that reduce speed.
SLR License – Access to only one tuning file that only remove speed limiter from vehicle.

If you decide to go ahead with start order, we are happy to provide you with 1x free tuning license that can be used for demonstration.

MaptunerX Diagnostics

Maptuner X can perform several diagnostics and service functions, find information about each APP below.

  • Read and clear DTC Codes (Enabled when tuning license is activated)
  • Add, remove or change DESS Keys (Requires additional purchase)
  • Clear history in ECU (Requires additional purchase)
  • Reset Service indicator (Requires additional purchase)
  • Reset throttle position sensor (Enabled when tuning license is activated)
  • Monitoring – Read data in real-time from vehicle sensors and modules. Also compatible with 02-sensor, EGT- sensor etc. (Requires additional purchase)
  • Datalogger – Store data locally on MaptunerX, useful for troubleshooting or dialing in tune. Also compatible with 02-sensor, egt-sensors etc. (Requires additional purchase)
  • BRP Dealer Service APP – Perform DTC Codes, DESS Keys, Clear History, Reset Service, Reset TPS and Monitoring APP on unlimited of vehicles, unlimited of times. No need to synchronize when connecting to new vehicle, APPs will automatically show up.




Telefon: 019-23 70 30

Maptun Performance AB
Org.nr: 556600-4106
Verkstadsgatan 2, 702 27 Örebro
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