Ski-Doo/LYNX 900ACE Turbo Stage 2 - 205 Hp

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Ski-Doo/LYNX 900ACE Turbo Stage 2  - 205 Hp
Ski-Doo/LYNX 900ACE Turbo Stage 2  - 205 Hp
Ski-Doo/LYNX 900ACE Turbo Stage 2  - 205 Hp
Ski-Doo/LYNX 900ACE Turbo Stage 2  - 205 Hp

More power. Better response. Faster spool-up. Outstanding drivability!

Developed by us to bring out the potential of the 900 Ace Turbo engine. This tuning stage goes beyond the Stage 1 and adds a sports exhaust to enable a higher power and torque output. For many this is the "sweet-spot" of tuning - you get a huge increase in performance with very little work! You only need to install a sports exhaust and the renowned Maptun tuning software to get an increase in horsepower by 45-55 hp over stock, improved throttle response and great overall performance and drivability!

All our tunes for the 900 Ace Turbo comes with the option of a MAP-switch feature that will reduce power in STANDARD drive mode and generate max power in PERFORMANCE drive mode.This will be helpful when fueling low octane fuel or if you want better fuel economy while maintaining some power.

Programming is performed in a couple of minutes with the MaptunerX and you get free access to all tuning software available for your vehicle. Additional hardware (exhaust, hoses, injectors, clutch kit and adjusted wastegate) is required.

Our tuning engineer’s comment:
”Listening to our customers and ambassadeurs wants and needs we created the Stage 2 for the 900 Ace Turbo. The addition of a sports exhaust system really opens up the possibilities to get even more out of this great engine platform. There is a noticeable increase in power and torque over Stage 1/Stage 1+ for the entire rpm-range. The most significant increase is seen (and felt!) in the midrange and from about 7000 rpm you’ve got almost peak power all the way to the rpm-limit. All this with outstanding throttle response and almost instant spool-up makes for an experience far beyond the ordinary!”

What’s MaptunerX?

The MaptunerX is a handheld programming unit developed by us and made here in Sweden. It’s used all over the world for a wide range of vehicle types for tuning, diagnostics, service, monitoring and logging. By connecting to the vehicle’s ECU the MaptunerX has full access to perform advanced adjustments but still keep all the factory safety features activated. This is by far the best way of tuning a vehicle, but it’s a time-consuming development process for us - but for you it only takes a couple of minutes in an easy step-by-step process. We’ve made all the hard work - so you don’t have to! Connect the MaptunerX, sync it to your MyMaptuner-account, select tuning stage and let the MaptunerX perform the programming. It’s that easy!

In addition to tuning the MaptunerX has apps and features for resetting service, manage keys, reading and clearing fault codes, resetting throttle position, monitoring live engine data, logging engine data etc. The available apps may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

The tuning development process

The first thing we do is getting familiar with the vehicle and the engine construction, and perform thorough tests on the stock configuration in our dyno facility. Already at this stage we install a variety of sensors to accurately measure pressures, temperatures, fuel, flow and power. With full access to the ECU and all its different maps we can begin localizing the necessary parameters that will need to be adjusted. By adjusting in small increments and performing lots and lots of test runs in the dyno, we can closely monitor the process and record how the engine responds to the changes. We stress test the engine by running it hard over extended periods of time, at both full and partial load, to make sure temperatures and other parameters don’t reach harmful levels over time.

Once we have achieved the power figures we desire, field testing begins. Driving the vehicles in the same environments as our customers is crucial to getting the best possible driveability. All the sensors are still installed on the vehicle and we get copious amounts of data for review. Thanks to the MaptunerX, we can also test, adjust and refine the tune on location during field testing.After field testing the software we hand it over to our ambassadors and racers. This is the key to test the tunes in real-world situations and with many different driving/riding styles. Using the MaptunerX Data Logger we get feedback and even more data to analyze. We can then adjust the tune individually and let different drivers try out different tunes to see what works best.

Do you want to read more about our tuning process? Read 'The Story of Horsepower' here.

Stage 4 Specifications

No Speed Limitation
Tune RPM Limit: 8300 rpm

Tuning Kit Components