Welcome to our tuning kits!

For tuning your vehicle, following items are required:
  • MaptunerX
  • Adapter cable for your vehicle
  • USB Cable
  • License

Tuning kits Stage 1 -> includes a tuning licence. Once a tuning license is assigned for a vehicle, you will have access to all tuning software and you can freely switch between them as often as you like. Including stock file and tuning software that we release after your purchase date.

We can also offer speed limiter removal for some vehicles. This product include SLR- License that give you access to only one tune that removes speed limiter.

The Story Behind Horsepower (PDF)
Superjet 2021-
GP1800 2021
GP1800 2020
FZR/FZS 2009-2011
FZR/FZS 2012-2013
FZR/FZS SVHO 2014-2016
FX SVHO 2020- , 210Hk
Waverunner FX HO, 180Hp (2012-2017)
FX SHO 2012-2017
FX SVHO 2014-2017, 210Hk
FX SVHO 2018, 210Hk
FX SVHO 2019 , 210Hk
GP1800 2017-2019
VXR VXS VX HO, 180Hk 2014-2017
VXR/VX-HO, 180Hk 2018-
V1 Sport